When I was studying in college, my professor in Logic told the class that there is a hierarchy of beings in this world. Man is on the top of that hierarchy because he is capable of thinking; below man comes the animals who are capable of feelings and movements, and it is in this category where the canine and feline species belong, and speaking of the canine species, we are so much fond of these beings, considering the fact that we have even tagged them as “man’s best friends.”

The evolution of dogs as domesticated animals dates back to as far as 30,000 BC. This means that dogs had already been in close association with humans for several thousands of years, and this close association has greatly evolved the canine brain to a point that dogs have become more sensitive and understanding of the behavior of human beings. Domesticated dogs, for example, were found by behavioral scientists to have developed social-cognitive behaviors and abilities that put them in a better position to understand human beings. In fact, we could say that humans and dogs have been involved in a process which scientists called co-evolution.

Dogs readily exhibit advanced skills in memorizing things. They could readily recognize their master even if their master had been gone and far away for a very long time. Likewise, dogs could definitely react and are capable of reading the behaviors of humans. Hence, dogs can be considered as highly intelligent as compared to other animal species.

If you are a dog lover, and you got plenty of pet dogs around you, you are surely blessed with lots of loyal friends, and there is no best way to reciprocate the loyalty and love of your pet dogs than to nourish them with your affection and love. You can surely buy them some dog goodies and accessories.

You will find a lot of dog parents and guardians who tag their pet dogsfor a strollalong the pathways of parks to give them ample time to exercise and flex their muscles. It is also not unusual to see those cute little dogs pooping along the pathways while their pet parents readily pick up the poops using choice poop bags.

Being Sensitive to Your Pet’s Behavior
The good thing about dogs is that it is easy to understand their behavior and moods. Although pet dogs manifest a variety of behaviors such as growling, biting, nipping, and yapping, you could readily distinguish what the dog’s behavior usually wants to express. You wouldalso readily recognize, for example, if a dog wants to play or if a dog is in an aggressive mood. Hence, if you want to really understand your pet dogs, you should be attuned to the different behavioral manifestations exhibited by your pet dogs.

Pet dogs deserve your love and affection. You should groom them and nurture them to make them healthy and vivacious. Likewise, you should feed them the necessary food they need so that they would have the necessary energy to play and move around. Moreover, once you bring into your home a pet dog, that dog essentially becomes part of your family, and hence, you will be lonely if something bad happens to them because long association with pet dogs would emotionally attach you to those pet dogs.

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