When your Koi pond is already completed, it can be very exciting to go and shop for available Koi fishes although you shouldn’t really rush things. If you are new to having Koi fishes, it can be overwhelming because you have to know a lot of things first to prepare yourself in taking care of your Koi fishes. Although it can take you time to all know those things, they can certainly help you as you take care of your Koi fishes. Once you have informed yourself enough about Koi fishes and how to take care of them, you can now go and find yourself some Koi fishes to put in your pond.

Shopping Through The Internet
For people who don’t have Koi dealers available in their area, buying from the internet is their best bet. In fact, for some people the internet is the only way on how they can get their hands into some Koi fishes. There are lots of Koi sellers out there today. It is important that you make sure that you find a reputable website so that you can get the fish and also protect your security when you make your purchase. You should also check if you can contact the website through email or phone. In this way, you can first talk to them if you have questions with the fish that you want to purchase.

Your First Fish
After you made your online purchase, the fish will be delivered to your home. It is important to make sure that someone is there to receive the delivery so that the fish can be conditioned to your pond right away. It is likely that your fish is stressed because of the trip. To help your fish to be more comfortable, you should first place it on a quarantine tank for a week or two. Throughout this time you should continue adding more water from your pond so that your new fish will get used to the water in your pond. At this time, you will also see if the fish would survive or is sick and dying.

Before you buy the fish, you should first make sure that the pond has already completed the initial nitrogen cycle before the fish is introduced. Cycling the pond will help make sure that the pond is safe for your fishes. It usually takes 4 to 8 weeks to do so make sure that you do it before you make your first order.

More Fishes For Your Pond
When you have added your first fish, it is best to wait a week before adding another fish. This will help make sure that the balance in the pond is not disturbed. When you put in a lot of fish at a time, the amount of ammonia that is produced would be too much for the filters to handle. It will take time for the filters to get used to the large number of fish so it is best to add fishes gradually until such time that you are satisfied with the number of fishes that you already have.

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